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Cover Letter Start-up Tip: No matter what aspect of architecture you're interested in pursuing in the marketplace, be certain to include in your cover letters the essential ingredients that will grab a hiring manager's attention and inspire him or her to phone you for an interview. These are: 1) your professional experience related to the job you hope to land; 2) your enthusiasm for the profession; and 3) your dedication to the company mission. You need to show you are a team player and open to working with others as building plans are drawn up, approved, and executed.

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October 9, 20--

Mr. Raymond Harper
Hiring Manager
Big Town Architectural Firm
45 Mission Street
Big Town, USA 99999

Dear Mr. Harper:

Over the past six years I have worked for Monroe and Monroe Architects as a Project Architect, responsible for overseeing the architectural aspects of the development of the design of a building and production of the construction documents, aka the plans and specifications.

My position also involved coordinating the client's needs, and working with the designer and technical staff, as well as outside consultants and structural engineers.

Today I am seeking new employment in this arena because I have moved to this area and want to work for a company that is closer to home and one that has the excellent reputation your firm has earned. It would be a real privilege to be part of your team of architects and to bring my experience and expertise to this job.

I can imagine that you'd like to interview the people you are considering since you have a big decision to make regarding hiring individuals from the outside. I'm available to speak with you in person or by phone if you'd like to talk about how I can become an asset to your company, bringing my skill, training, and experience.

If you wish to meet, please call me at 777-777-7777 day or evening. I appreciate very much your reading my cover letter and attached resume and giving me an opportunity to bid for this excellent job. I hope you will consider me seriously to take on the responsibilities that go with a job in architecture.


Harvey Job Finder

A Useful Cover Letter Writing Hint: The architecture cover letter you just read provides an example of how to approach a potential employer. Take the time you need to write your letter so that it reflects your passion for the work, your education and experience, and your willingness to give the job your best effort if you are hired.

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